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Proper Eating Timetable


Breakfast is about breaking the fast of last night where nothing was eaten. This also sets the right nutrients for your body throughout the day and provides you the strength to go through the day. You might feel exhausted and might even grab some chips in before the afternoon when your day begins with an empty stomach. Always prepare and eat your breakfast within an hour of waking up to ensure you do not need to eat snacks or anything before lunch. People often skip breakfast because they think it is not important. However the effect of skipping breakfast will be felt when it’s almost noon where you will feel very tired and in no mood at all in doing whatever you are supposed to be doing. As such, it is not a good choice to skip breakfast as it will have quite a huge effect later on.

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Lunch should always be taken about four to five hours after breakfast. For instance, if you ate breakfast at 6 am,eleven until noon is the most appropriate time to have lunch. If somehow you cannot eat lunch until 1pm, grab a snack while waiting. Make sure the snack is something protein with some mix of carbohydrates. A very healthy snack is prepared with fruits and you can also buy vegetables online. The goal is to stop being too hungry between meals, so that you will not start snacking the moment you get home. Nevertheless if you are still feeling hungry, do not seek junk foods but instead eat healthy snacks such as peanuts or fruits. There are tons of other alternatives to soothe up your hunger before dinner so do not plunge yourself into consuming unhealthy food.


Dinner is the prevalent time most people just had to binge eat since they haven’t consumed enough the whole day. Dinnertime must be followed by the very same timetable as the previous meals, ensuring that between lunch and dinner there’s never more than a 4 or 5 hour period. Many people would have to have a snack between lunch and dinner because it might be difficult to have it at 5 or 6 pm. Do not extend your dinner time to late at night such as 10 or 11pm. This will affect your sleep schedule since your digestion system is still processing your food. It will make you feel uncomfortable when laying down to sleep and a risk of throwing up on your bed. 

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Always prepare a regular eating routine, so that the body knows when to digest breakfast , lunch and dinner. If your schedule changes daily, you’ll need to have healthy snacks since you can’t have a meal. Stick to the timetable to ensure your body receives sufficient nutrients to keep you energized the whole day. Remember that a meal has to be four to five hours after the previous one.  You can control your diet during the day with a little mealtime planning and preparation, and avoid the temptation that contributes to overeating at meals, which can ultimately lead to weight gain.