Gambling Strategies

Many casino games are based on random luck. Most of the time, the players at a poker table would not know which cards will get played next and if you have a bad hand, often poker strategy means folding before you get too far into betting. This is a great lesson to remember when thinking about any type of gambling strategy, as the component of the uncertainty sooner or later makes all strategies invalid.

Nevertheless, most seasoned players drop into their comfort zones where they believe they have some influence over the outcome of their games based on random luck. This preference to put trust in the zone is another form of what we call Gambler’s Fallacy. 

Here are some strategies that will get you out of your comfort zone and you can possibly turn them into your new comfort zones when gambling. 

1. No More Blackjack

Blackjack has gained much respect among gamblers because you can carry some skill to the table unlike most other casino games. The commentators would most certainly tell you the blackjack house edge is also pretty great. But standard blackjack has one problem: it isn’t the most gracious edition of this game that you can play.

While most people already know to avoid single-deck blackjack games that only pay 6:5 odds, the majority of players are more than comfortable playing regular blackjack with 6 to 8 decks  because they like those 3:2 odds. But with a slight advantage over the regular blackjack match, there’s another way to enjoy this game.

If Spanish 21 is offered in your casino you can check it out. The most distinctive distinction, though there are other rule variations between standard blackjack and Spanish 21, is that the Spanish 21 game is played without any 10 point cards. In other words, a Spanish 21 deck has 48 cards instead of 52 cards (all the face cards are left in). Through eliminating those 10 point cards the game decreases either player or dealer’s chances of drawing a perfect 21.

Instead of contrasting the statistics on the house edge, look at the versatility and greater rewards you get when you play Spanish 21. It will shake you out of your comfort zone, but when you get paid better odds for certain variations that don’t pay well in standard blackjack, you will be pleasantly shocked.

2. Play One On One With The Dealer

When you’re the only player on the blackjack table, casinos don’t like that. Part of the benefit of the casino is derived from the dealer playing simultaneously against several clients. Whether you count cards or not, if you’re the only player the dealer faces, you’ll see less volatility in the card distribution.

If you get a lucky break and can play the dealer by yourself, the pit boss can close other tables or send some house players over to fill your table. Don’t get upset when that comes to pass.

Why is it significant how many players there are at the table? And as more people draw from the bag, the chances of getting those high value cards decrease. If it’s just you and the dealer you get an even chance to draw the cards you need. Your chances go down drastically as more people join the table.

The dealer ought not draw high-value cards as much as the players do. This is because every time a player bust loses, the dealer loses. And if you’re playing a conservative game with a dealer in one on one situation you’ve got a pretty good setup. Yet the benefit of a house will never fully disappear.

3. Put At Most 3 Outside Bets At Once In Roulette

Gambling analysts tend to focus on roulette and there are certainly several legitimate reasons to dissuade you from playing a game cleverly crafted to highlight high-risk bets. Most of the betting choices on the table are the single numbers and when playing the inside, players prefer to think about betting only on single numbers.

Savvy players can play the roulette lines but the house has a huge advantage over you even when you bet on six numbers, and the odds are awful too.

Playing 2 groups can improve your chances of winning. You reduce the odds of even payoff when you do this, but with this type of bet (24 numbers) you get better coverage compared to the standard safe bets (18 numbers), which also collect cash.

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