Games That Could Earn You A Living

There are a wide set of careers in this world to choose from and there have been some questionable job opportunities. One can pick from an array of jobs lined up in this world. To become a lawyer you need to go to law school and to become  a doctor, one needs to go to medical school but there are some jobs that don’t need a degree. To become a businessman, you don’t need an MBA and if you want to become a home broker, you don’t need a real-estate degree just a simple certification would do.  We’ve sorted out some jobs that allow you to play games whilst on the job.

The first job is being a professional poker player. Poker is a well-known game for individuals who knows not to break character. There are many international tournaments for poker players to show off their skills. There are poker associations such as International Federation of Match Poker which is a non-profit body known to be serving as the governing body for poker. Winners also win huge sums of money and some win up to 250,000$ in prize money. Although these contests are notoriously tough, if you consider yourself a decent poker player, you should polish your poker face and get your game on.

Next is being a professional casino gambler. Casino gambler is one of those jobs you never thought existed until you read this column. Being a professional casino gambler is a lot of hard work. They are not the same as compulsive gamblers and they know when to hold back and when to go all-in. Gamblers win big and loose big most of the time. Some professional players gamble at top online casino Malaysia sites to earn more winnings. Playing online does come with more risks as well such as not knowing whether the game was set from early or whether the players are bots.

E-sports have also become a game that has gained in popularity. Many teens and young adults have won huge prizes and have gone on to live in mansions. No harm in trying to become an e-sportsman, right? They do come with a lot of sacrifices though. Most of these gamers practice their strategies as well as tactics for about 7-8 hours per day which is how long an average person works each day.  They also sit on the same chair and play the exact same game for hours at end to achieve perfection. Their eyes are also damaged from the UV rays and these gamers also spend a lot of money on hardware as well as ergonomic comfort.

Finally, we can discuss pro board gamers. These are not people who play board games out of fun but rather with a burning passion. Professional board gamers are people who play board games at a serious level. Magnus Carlsen is one of them. He plays chess competitively and is one of the best chess players in the world. Although chess is a board game, he is never identified as a professional board game player. If you’re good in a board game, you should try developing your skills so that you can grow.

We hope you take these fun ideas of careers made from gaming and try building a career out of games as well. Who knows, you could probably be the next big thing. 

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