Why Some Locations Are Affected By Corona Virus In Malaysia

Everyone knows how badly the situation is right now. Everyone is struggling, not only financially, but mentally and emotionally. Although the government is trying its best to help in any way it can, some people just need more and more to survive, and some cannot really take care of themselves anymore. But the reason we are here today is to peel the layers of the reason why certain locations in Malaysia are badly infected. Why do people in Johor Bahru, Bukit Jelutong condo, TTDI apartment, and so much more, are not badly affected? 

The first reason why it started out bad when the first lockdown was lifted, the government wanted to do a PRU election in Sabah. Although the people already told them that it is dangerous to take fast action to start the election, they were still stubborn and greedy about it. So they continued their plans, did campaigns around Sabah, and literally did not practice any of the strict SOPs during the elections, with proofs in pictures. Then, they came back to their own states and affected other people in the states. There was one teacher who is a wife to one of the politicians that went to Sabah, after they came back, they did not quarantine themselves, and went to school and affected the students. Tragic isn’t it?

Secondly, the politicians and the government of our own country would not want to have continuous lockdown for Malaysia because the economy is really bad and they could not afford to go through it. Even so, the latest and previous lockdown was only supposed to force the essential workers to work while others have to remain working from home. But after a few days, a lot of bosses and superiors applied the letters that allowed employees to come to work although they are not essential workers. After a week and two, many cars have started to travel around the district because they have realized how vague the rules of the MCO are. 

Last but not least, most of our cases arise from the workplace and mostly from the factories. Compared to corporate offices, factories have a hard time maintaining social-distancing and wearing masks all the time because they would have to be in a place where a lot of energy is needed. Apart from that, they could not possibly wear face masks all the time because it is hot and sweaty because of the weather and environment, not to forget, machines. If this interests you, you might want to click here.

To conclude, although many people can comprehend the situations and the rules of the MCO because we are all aware of how dangerous and contagious it can get from this Coronavirus, but it does not mean the people who have higher authorities can do whatever they want with the rules just because they have the power and money. People are struggling and some are dying, we are so desperate that we asked the government to step down and let other people take the lead.